U.S. Senate: America’s Teachers Expect You to Vote “No” on Betsy DeVos

Most problems in Education don’t arise from classrooms, but from well-meaning policymakers who are not experts in Education.

For example, like Betsy DeVos.

This should not be a partisan issue. DeVos has never administered a state Department of Education. Nor a School District. Not even a school. Neither she nor her children attended public school. This makes her a puzzling choice to influence public school policy. Common sense suggests that someone who deeply understands the issues children and teachers face in Public Schools would be the best choice.

Instead, we have someone who has never shown any interest whatsoever in Public Education, except perhaps to dismantle it.

Teachers are nearly unanimous in condemning the nomination. So Senators, please watch your vote. America’s teachers and parents will be watching as well.

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