Special Needs Children Threatened by DeVos Appointment

Lee DiGeorge, the father of an autistic little girl in New York, speaks out regarding the ways Betsy DeVos might harm his daughter’s education.

My daughter, Zoey, is autistic. She’s a fantastic little girl who has struggled with acquiring language. Thanks to IDEA, I have successfully forced the hand of local and state education departments to give my daughter the proper setting… the one that her doctors, her therapists and her teachers have begged for.

At first, in a blue state, in the bluest city in the world, I had to fight for services that were going to be denied. Because they’re expensive. Services that, according to IDEA, my daughter had a right to.

Leaving education in the states hands is terrible for the special education population. Before, I had the threat of federal intervention to help save the day and force the states to abide by the law. Who’s gonna help me fight the states when the DeVos won’t force the states to abide by IDEA?

Please, before you assume you know better. Or know more, ask me about my experience fighting the educational bodies on the local and state level. And how utilizing federal law has enabled my daughter to acquire more language now than ever before.

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