Open letter to Duval County School Board regarding extension of Superintendent Nikolai Vitti’s contract

Mr. Shine and Honorable Board Members:

I am one of Mr. Shine’s constituents.

I am disheartened by your unanimous vote tonight to extend the Superintendent’s contract to the point I’m having trouble sleeping, so I am writing this letter to you.

I am not only disheartened that Dr. Vitti’s contract was renewed, but in the quiet, rushed, disorganized fashion he was renewed. I plan to do my best to find out why this vote was so blatantly rushed. I keep reasonable track of DCPS issues, yet I was unaware of this vote until the morning of. Most of my teacher friends had no idea this vote was happening. I suspect this is how many of you wanted this.

Yesterday was an extremely busy day at work, so I was unable to prepare a statement for last night’s meeting. I was unable to speak my piece as a citizen because of the Board’s quiet, unnecessary rush to vote on this issue. I will have a hard time forgiving the Board, and will have a hard time forgiving myself for not pushing my work obligations aside to write a statement, leave work early, and speak last night.

I resigned from DCPS last summer as Sandalwood’s reigning Teacher of the Year, and Duval County Teacher of the Year semifinalist, largely due to Vitti’s misguided leadership (I will not get into details about Dr. Vitti’s many missteps here; this letter is about you, not him).

I subsequently campaigned against you specifically, Mr. Shine (mainly because of your rating Vitti “an eight out of ten”) and on behalf of Shannon Russell. Mr. Shine, when you won the seat convincingly, I made the decision that I’d reconsider and reserve judgment until I saw your actions. I think I am a reasonable person and can be persuaded by reasonable, logical argument so I’m asking for you to please persuade me.

I would respectfully like an explanation from the Board as to why Vitti was renewed:

  • Nine months before the deadline to renew,
  • In such a rushed fashion,
  • When it was clear sufficient discussion had not occurred among the Board members (Any rebuttal that discussion was sufficient with 9 months to spare would be an insult to your constituents’ intelligence given what was shown on camera last night),
  • Before test results came out this year, and especially
  • When not a single teacher spoke in his favor.

You would be hard pressed to find any teachers who want to work for Dr. Vitti, and if you do find them, they are a tiny minority. DCPS — meaning you — you say you are interested in doing a better job retaining teachers. So considering most teachers want Vitti dismissed (any statement to the contrary confirms that you’re not paying close enough attention), this decision puzzles me and makes me wonder: do teachers actually matter to the School Board? I think last night’s vote proves your answer is a clear “No”.

I do not see the Board’s decision being easily changed, but neither do I plan to let this issue rest quietly. Especially without hearing a satisfactory answer befitting your crucially important positions and responsibilities within the City of Jacksonville — responsibilities that I want to ensure you are not abdicating.

Your actions last night, and your inaction regarding the absolute necessity of parting ways with Dr. Vitti may not get the attention it deserves. And my efforts may be too little, too late for the students and educators of Duval County you are sworn to represent. But it will not be for lack of effort on my part.

I don’t believe it’s likely, but it is possible I’m seeing this the wrong way. If you are interested in talking to me to give your full story and show where I’m mistaken, I’m willing to listen.


Mike Khalil

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