Conversation with Board Member Scott Shine

Mr. Shine wrote me this afternoon and we spoke on the phone for a bit. I will give him credit where due for answering that letter.

The conversation was cordial but I did not get a satisfactory reason for Dr. Vitti’s extension — the main reasons were “we need stability in the Superintendent’s chair”,  “If we fire him, who’s going to be better?” and “We hope [Dr. Vitti] can develop into a great leader” — that the Board wanted to give him a chance to do so. (My question is, why does he need to develop here? Duval is too big for that).

Mr. Shine stated he did not initially think they had the four votes to extend Vitti. The impression I got from other parts of the conversation was that dissenting Board members felt Vitti already had a majority, and did not want to be on the record voting against him if they had to deal with him until 2019. I suppose I understand that on an intellectual level, but I have a hard time respecting that. Shine himself seems to be firmly in Vitti’s camp.

Shine said he received zero calls regarding Vitti’s extension. I told him it’s because no one knew about it — if I didn’t know, and my friends who are teachers didn’t know, that the vote wasn’t publicized enough. He acknowledged it should have been more visible, he claimed that was unintentional. I remain skeptical.

I thought long and hard before posting this, and I’ve decided to add it: I asked about Vitti’s decisions resulting in 32 middle-and high schools being without full-time librarians. I stated that this hurts poor kids without cars and computers the most, because school libraries are the only place many low-income kids can research. His direct response to this statement — no exaggeration, this was his direct response: “Well, there will always be haves and have-nots.”

I want to be clear that this quote is not out of context.

Shine did acknowledge that Vitti tends to perform drastic experiments on live tissue, and that Vitti can be fired at any point with just three months’ severance. I replied that our frustration is because that ship has sailed for now — is the Board really going to fire him right after extending him? He conceded it would be difficult, but Shine said if there were an egregious error or scandal of some sort, that he wouldn’t hesitate to vote against him (but that he couldn’t speak for other Board members). I’m disappointed that he’s using the ability to fire Vitti to calm people down, because I don’t think it’s an option they’re genuinely considering.

I hope Vitti develops into a great leader. I hope the Board reconsiders. But I’m not holding my breath.


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