About Mike

I’m an extremely lucky guy who has a beautiful wife, a healthy little boy, and two great careers I identify strongly with.

I was fortunate enough to be selected as Teacher of the Year at Sandalwood High School in 2013-14. I was also a 2013-14 Duval County Teacher of the Year semifinalist (Final 15 out of 8,500 teachers). I’m probably more proud of this than I have a right to be!

I resigned from the teaching profession in July 2014 — one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

As a relatively young person with a family, I felt politicians and lawmakers were making strong efforts to convert teaching from a lifelong profession to a revolving-door job. They seem content to use inexperienced teachers. And why not? They’re less likely to question agendas, and are cheaper to boot.

But I feel this comes at the expense of our children. I exited the revolving door relatively early when I realized this.

I remain passionate about Education, have some very strong opinions about it, and have started this site as an outlet to both sharpen and voice my thoughts on this very important topic.