My guest column in the Florida Times-Union

My guest column in the Florida Times-Union regarding Nikolai Vitti’s leadership was published Wednesday. Superintendent Vitti’s rebuttal to my column was published alongside my column.

And for good measure, a letter to the Editor comparing our columns (I believe it’s the fourth letter from the top).

On the same day, Denise Smith-Amos’s story on our school libraries made the front page of the Florida Times-Union.

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  • Don Ron Rico Suave’

    Working in a high school, Vitti lost me when he added the eighth period and didn’t fund it. Classroom electives went from mid to upper 30’s, to 70-100 students. Multiple electives had to meet simultaneously, next to each other in the auditorium. Meaningful instruction and discipline were impossible. It was truly a crisis that was met with indifference and finger pointing from the district. Principals had to beg for more positions and it took months to to be allocated a fraction of the positions that were truly needed. At this point the Libraries and Librarians became toast. After gutting the schools of resources those electives did come down into the 50+ range. Still way too high for effective teaching in this day and age, and PE classes…..Forgetaboutit! PE Class sizes remained at 70 to 80+, a true safety liability. I was waiting for some kid to sneak out of PE only to get themselves killed somehow. Then watch the District let the PE teacher, who can not possibly supervise (safely) almost 100 students, take the blame.

    Today we are still running ridiculous numbers in the electives, and my school is projected to lose several positions next year. Vitti may be able to spit out those impressive statistics, yet he still can not do simple math. Explain that!